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We create applications that drive medical care in the right direction

We create applications that drive medical care in the right direction _

who we are

We are a team of specialists operating in the IT and medicine industry. We focus on the user, their needs and problems. What makes us different is the Lean UX, Design Thinking and SaaS approach.
In the past, we implemented projects for such brands as the Blue Medica Group, ABB, Med Onet, Dreamlab, Ringier Axel Springer, Coca Cola and Paramount Pictures. We currently use our extensive experience to design and implement innovative solutions for the medical market.
We advise and help our clients achieve their long-term business goals. Our priority is to analyse real needs and solve real problems.

whatwe do ...

  • Learn the vision and propose the direction in which the product is to go
  • Analyze the market, examine business requirements as well as users’ needs and problems
  • Design final product interfaces
  • Select the right technology depending on business needs
  • Test and verify prototypes
  • Constantly optimize, change and improve products based on user data and feedback

... and how we do it

The first of the stages of the Design Thinking process allows us to thoroughly know and understand the problem we want to solve. This is where we get to know who the user is and what the business needs are. Empathy, i.e. the ability to feel the emotions of others and understand how they think at this stage is crucial. Thanks to this, we are able to verify our initial hypotheses at an early stage of product development.
During this phase of the process, we use all information obtained at the stage of understanding needs and problems. The goal we want to achieve here is to define the main problem that we will work on in subsequent stages. The appropriate definition of the problem will pave the way for us to search for optimal solutions.
Solution and prototype
At this stage, we focus on generating potential solutions and creating a prototype. Creativity and analytics are the most important for us at this stage. Here, the concept of "bad ideas" does not apply. The stage ends with the selection of the best solution concept.
We conduct the testing stage to which users are invited in accordance with a pre-established scenario. This allows us to determine if we are going in the right direction. It happens that after that we return to the beginning of the process to generate another solution.
Implementation and optimisation
After working out the best solution, we implement a fully functional product. We add analytical tools that allow us to constantly optimize the product.
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